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The Accessibility Consultants Association of Ontario membership includes these companies concerned with accessible event planning:

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AccessAbility Advantage

AccessAbility Advantage
A program of
March of Dimes Canada

Your one-stop shop for accessibility consulting for the AODA.
Affordable plans that you can implement over time to meet the Standards.

How to get started

  • Get advice from experienced professionals who were involved with Standards development
  • Create a plan that you can implement over time to meet the Standards
  • Take a practical, pragmatic approach
  • Keep it affordable

We have 50+ years of experience making places accessible

AccessAbility Advantage provides

  • AODA Compliance Strategy
  • Customer Service Compliance including evaluations, policy work and training
  • Information and Communication Compliance including audits of electronic presence, recommendations and training
  • Employment Policy and Procedure Compliance including evaluations, policy work, training and employment supports
  • Built Environment Accessibility including audits, construction design and management

AccessAbility Advantage
10 Overlea Blvd., Toronto, Ontario M4H 1A4
Telephone: (416) 425-3463 x 7286 / 1 (800) 263-3463 x 7286
E-mail AccessAbility Advantage: fjewett@AccessAbilityAdvantage.ca
Website of AccessAbility Advantage: www.AccessAbilityAdvantage.ca

Access (SCS) Consulting Services

o/b 623921 Ontario Ltd
Toronto, Ontario Services

  • Accessibility planning
  • Accessible Products
  • Accounting and business consulting
  • A.O.D.A. compliance courses
  • A.O.D.A. compliance audits and reports
  • Building audits and plan reviews
  • Consulting
  • Custom practice manuals
  • Customer Service Standards Training
  • Disability Sensitivity Awareness Training
  • Fundraising Alternatives
  • General practice manuals
  • IT Training in accessibility programs
  • Practice, policy and procedure development
  • Professional reports
  • Professional Witness
  • Public Speaker
  • Research
  • Research proposals
  • Website Audits and Training

Telephone: (416) 561-7942
E-mail SCS-Consulting: access.scs@gmail.com
Website of SCS-Consulting: www.access-scs-consulting.com

Accessibility Consultants and Trainers

Accessibility Consultants and Trainers assists organizations with a wide range of accessibility matters and with compliance to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). We have extensive experience working with the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario (the branch of the provincial government responsible for the AODA and compliance) and helping organizations to prepare for the accessibility standards under the AODA. Jennifer Miller (principal of Accessibility Consultants and Trainers) has worked with human rights lawyers in the areas of AODA policy and procedure development, disability accommodation and training.


  • Develop the Policies, Procedures and Practices required under the AODA
  • Policy Review
  • Accessibility Planning
  • Accessibility Standards Compliance Advice and Research
  • Built Environment Accessibility Audits
  • Transportation Technical and Service Audits
  • AODA Employment Preparedness
  • Accessible Information and Communication
  • Accessible Event Planning
  • Training on:
  • Accessible Customer Service Training
  • Sensitivity/Awareness Training
  • Implementing the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service: Preparing for Compliance
  • Accessibility Standards under the AODA including
    • Information and Communication
    • Employment
    • Customer Service
    • Transportation and
    • the Built Environment.

We work with our clients to develop customized policies, procedures and practices and training that is tailored to their specific needs. Jennifer has provided training to over 1,000 participants throughout Ontario and worked with numerous public and private sector organizations developing policies, procedures and practices, disability accommodation strategies and assisting them to prepare for AODA compliance.

Burlington, Ontario
Phone: 905-483-8322
Email Accessibility Consultants and Trainers: jmiller@aodaconsultants.com or info@aodaconsultants.com
Website of Accessibility Consultants and Trainers: aodaconsultants.com or accessstandards.com

Accessibility Ontario

Accessibility Ontario

Accessibility Ontario provides training and consulting services to nonprofits and businesses in Ontario to help them understand and comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Accessibility Ontario has worked closely with the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario (ADO) on multiple EnAbling Change projects, supporting organizations such as the Ontario Nonprofit Network, the Ontario Land Trust Association, and the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association.

Our Services

Accessibility Ontario has worked with a long list of clients throughout the province, from small nonprofits to medium sized businesses. Each of our consultants brings their own background and expertise to the Accessibility Ontario team, equipping us to work with diverse client set.
Training & Coaching
Accessibility Ontario offers an extensive number of in-person workshops, online webinars, and virtual AODA training courses. We excel at developing and delivering large-scale education and training initiatives and have managing several EnAbling Change projects.
Policy & Planning
Accessibility Ontario has helped many organizations create accessibility policies and plans in accordance to the AODA. We can serve as a guiding hand, provision of templates, or have our experts conduct the research and writing for you.
Templates & Resources
We offer a variety of policy and multi-year plan templates, as well other useful resources and tools, to make accessibility compliance easier.
Website Audits
The web is an important communication tool. Our audits help organizations isolate existing and potential barriers to their online content, and how to remove barriers to become compliant to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
Document Conversion
Creating accessible documents can be overwhelming when faced with old documents that need to be made accessible. Accessibility Ontario offered document conversion services to edit existing documents and templates from Microsoft Office applications, PDF documents, and InDesign.
Building Assessments
Accessibility Ontario's team offers facility audits to identify the built environment barriers in your office or building. In addition to long-term, larger cost changes, we suggest low cost solutions that can be immediately implemented.
Event Speakers
Accessibility Ontario is a frequent conference presenter. We love to share our passion and knowledge of accessibility with others. Let us share it with you at an upcoming conference or event!

AODA Updates and Accessibility Events

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Phone: 1-647-502-7047
E-mail Accessibility Ontario: director [at] accessontario [dot] com
Website of Accessibility Ontario: Accessibility Ontario
Twitter of Accessibility Ontario: @AODAontario

Facebook page of Accessibility Ontario: AODAontario

Reliable Independent Living Services (RILS)

Reliable Independent Living Services (RILS)

Reliable Independent Living Services (RILS) provides the following technical services;

Advisory Services

RILS Provides expertise, advice, guidance, support and training regarding accessibility in the built environment. RILS offers advice on the feasibility and suitability of proposed recommendations, outlining cost-effectiveness and industry best practices with respect to making accessibility improvements. RILS makes appropriate recommendations (as well as identifying the impact of any proposed recommendations) to achieve optimal barrier free accommodations for people of all abilities and identifies any challenges or issues with regard to accessibility requirements under the AODA standards. RILS provides expert advisory and reporting services to residential/commercial building owners, MVA, business owners and government.

Accessible Design & Reporting Services

Provides preliminary design services in the development, planning and preparation of As Built Drawings and Construction Drawings (as typically provided by a licensed architect) and specifications to ensure that the appropriate recommendations and plans/drawings are prepared and developed to achieve optimal accessibility. These services may include pre-design services, planning, provision of designs, drawings, specifications, feasibility reports, building audits and other technical submissions if needed.

Barrier Free Management Services

These services include the overall planning, coordination, estimating, control and development of the technical scope of work necessary to achieve successful accessible built environment projects. Project Management Services may also include, where applicable, liaising and dealing with the obligations of landlords and owners of leased buildings, coordinating the tendering process, preparing and submitting reports and invoices to clients.

ReliAble Independent Living Services®
ReliAble Barrier Free Living Centre
200 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5T 2C2

national: 1-866-690-7145
office: 416-502-9200
mobile: 416-807-9773

E-mail Reliable Independent Living Services (RILS) at ronnywiskin@reliableliving.com
Web site of Reliable Independent Living Services (RILS): www.reliableliving.com